• Karen Kristin On-Site Director & Lead Painter

    SKY ART Owner and President, original sky design and color mock-ups, cost estimation, shipping inventory, color coordinating and paint mixing, on-site direction, high-lift driver, lead painting, and office management since 1992.

  • Tom Wolf Paint Station & Ground Support

    Travel inventory, assembling and pack-up of preliminary materials and supplies, destination driver, paint station organizing and cleanup, masking, and ground support since 2012.

  • Ric Sprynczynatyk Lead Painter

    Preliminary planning, high lift driver, draw painting, finish painting, equipment management, on-site direction, ground support, and site pack-up since 1993.

  • Martin O. Kyrk Lead Draw & Glow Painter

    Architectural plans interpretation, on-site organization and scheduling, high lift driver, overall draw painting, glow finish painting, ground support, and site pack-up since 1993.

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