Martin O. KyrkLead Draw & Glow Painter

    MARTI O. KYRK was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, the eldest of two boys. He came to the United States in 1970 to study at the University of California at Los Angeles, with a major in Scandinavian Languages and a minor in Art. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, Marti continued his studies in Architecture and Urban Planning, graduating from UCLA in 1979 with a Master’s in Architecture.

    Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Marti lived in Hollywood and worked as a designer in various Los Angeles architectural firms. During this time period, he also taught classes in Architecture, was involved in the downtown LA art scene, and nurtured his interest in painting. Marti worked for three years as Director of Exhibits for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. He then joined the SKY ART Team for the first Boulder Station Casino project in 1994. Up to the present, on a project basis, he has continued to work with SKY ART Karen Kristin as cloud painter, designer and director.

    In 1999, Marti joined Chara Nelson and Roger Zimmerman as a principal in Sky World Artists where they produced vast sky ceilings at The Venus Fort in Tokyo, Japan.

    In 2003, after thirty years in Hollywood, Marti relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and from there, moved back to his home town near Stockholm. Marti continues to join the SKY ART Team for all international projects.

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