If you’re thinking about enhancing your home or business by adding an exceptional, one-of-a-kind work of art, consider talking with us about a sky ceiling of your own.  No other art makes quite the same statement as an overhead mural featuring delicate blue sky dotted with puffs and wisps of clouds, or late afternoon vistas tinged with soft hues of rose and gold—painted within the spaces where you live or work.

The process includes:
– Conversations to determine scope, style, and timeline
– Creation of original Sky Art mockup
– Assemble team
– Painting and art direction
– Finish work

Working with Sky Art on a Commercial Project

I have years of experience at working with interior designers, and our team loves working directly with businesses directly as well.  The relationship usually begins with a when a client sees one of our murals and wants to explore the idea of commissioning their own sky ceiling project. We find that most people typically already have strong ideas about what they want.

Casino owners and mall operators often want optimistic, sunny skies to encourage people to relax and stay a while longer.

Religious leaders hope people feel at peace with a serene sky inside their place of worship.

Medical centers and spas want to impart a sense of calm to their patients as they have treatment.

We enjoy creating sky murals for public spaces, knowing many people will pass through and enjoy our creations every day, whether the job is an enormous shopping mall ceiling or a small sky over a yoga studio, we bring passion to every project.

Sky Art for Private Settings

When contacted by owners of private residences, Karen often finds they have vivid memories of having seen her sky art in Colorado or another Southwest setting, or in Las Vegas.  The Sky Art team builds a rapport with each client around what they’ve seen and what they want, even if the vision isn’t yet fully formed.

The team enjoys guiding homeowners in developing their idea, making them a full part of the artistic process.  These days, it’s not hard to find most people spending lots of time at their desks online, feeling a bit trapped.  Karen’s clients love the idea of bringing the outdoors in.  A sky overhead connects people to the natural world and opens up possibilities, letting imaginations run free.

In smaller projects, such as sky ceilings for private homes, Karen asserts “everything matters.”  The artists strive to portray grace and movement in every inch, making the space uniquely personal.

What Does Your Project Look Like?

The Sky Art team knows that though they’ve completed hundreds of jobs over the years, your project is likely to be your first sky ceiling.  They’ll make sure you have a full understanding of what’s involved.

After meeting with you and agreeing on the artistic direction, Karen will give you an estimate for the work and a good idea about how long it will take.  Her team will also work with you on all the details, such as protection for the existing interior as needed.

How would you feel about seeing a guest’s jaw drop as they enter your home?  Would you love knowing you’ve created an unforgettable atmosphere for your clients?  Think you’d enjoy your work much more with a lovely, peaceful sky overhead?

Your own one-of-a-kind sky ceiling is within reach.  Contact Karen Kristin today.

Designing a large sky art mural in my Colorado studio

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