Karen Kristin is one of those rare people who knew her life’s passion from the very beginning. She was barely out of her crib when she began drawing as a child. Her mother, recognizing her talent, made sure Karen had formal art lessons a young age.

She began her professional art career in Hollywood, working as a set painter. She became known as “The Sky Lady,” and word of her talent spread quickly. Her epic sky backdrops earned her clients like Disney Studios, McDonald’s, Elizabeth Taylor, Toyota, and even Miller’s Beer. Her sunny blue skies and dramatic sunsets appeared behind star performers like Madonna, Sting, and Michael Jackson.

In 1991, Karen was contracted to paint the ceiling of Caesar’s Forum, setting her on a path to paint iconic skies all around the world.

Learn more about Karen and her globetrotting world of Sky Art.

Commercial Projects

Residential Skies

Envision a scene that evokes a feeling of freedom, awe, and serenity—chances are, you’ll imagine the sky. Now, dream about what it would be like to paint skies that transport and uplift those who behold them. You’re beginning to get a sense of the joy Karen Kristin and her SKY ART team bring to their work.

You can bring that same joy right into your own home, with a one-of-a-kind original sky mural by Karen Kristin.

Fine Art

I have worked as an artist all my life. Throughout most of my artistic career I’ve focused on nature, especially the sky, as either subject or background for symbolic or mystical paintings. For a decade, while I lived and worked in Hollywood in the 70’s and 80’s, my sky paintings provided temporary backdrops for television and magazine commercials, films, and rock videos.

Over the past ten years, I have revisited landscape painting using oils. These days, not only do I set off to local spots to paint direct from nature in the Plein Air style, but I also incorporate varied impressions of nature and symbolism into my studio paintings. I have explored the way in which we humans attribute and compare our own strivings to the rest of the animal world. How we see animals beyond their physical forms — as totems, as lovers, as searchers, and as guides — has captured my interest and creative energy.

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