Sunset Station Casino

Henderson, outskirts of Las Vegas

Description of the sky:
These skies are elaborate and dramatic. The biggest venue in the casino is a 100,000 square feet sunset sky. Blue sky and white clouds in an area this large is much easier. Because this is a sunset it was much more completed to design. It includes 20+ colors, some blended lightly over others to give a glowing feeling.

What is interesting about the two Station casinos?
These casinos are built to cater to the residents of Las Vegas. They are located on the periphery of the strip where development is lower cost. The owner’s vision is to provide the residents of Las Vegas with the same glamor that the tourists who visit the strip receive. “The Sunset Station casino opened to great participation from the local residents in Las Vegas who in general frequented the casinos areas that were not on the strip”

Why this one is special to me?
I proud of this particular sky because it is the only very large sunset sky we have been commissioned for. There is so much square footage, painted with little in’s and out’s over a number of different venues – playing areas, restaurants, seating areas, theater.

What made the work challenging?

It was very hot and the team has to primarily work at night, which turned sleeping conditions around.

Due to the number of down walls and radial areas, the construction company that created the sky ceiling surface had difficulty making the surface smooth – this meant that we had to design the sky according to the cracks and flaw in the ceiling, which worked well at times and was quite challenging other times.

Theater Venue:
Near the end of the photos there are shots of the team painting the theater venue. This was done about six months after the rest of the casino and the team was having a lot more fun working at that point.

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