In 1978, Karen began working in Hollywood as a scenic artist, painting backdrops for film and television; within 10 years she developed her reputation as "The Sky Lady." Upon leaving Hollywood to live in Northern New Mexico in 1988, she switched from backdrop painting to mural painting and established SKY ART Karen Kristin, Inc. For her company’s first big project, she stepped into the arena of the casino industry in Las Vegas to paint the overhead skies (92,000 square feet of them!) at The Forum Shops at Caesars. This project led to many more of similar size and scope, and in 1998, she was offered another high profile opportunity in Las Vegas at The Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes. There, she and her SKY ART team designed and painted 105,000 feet of skies over buildings and canals designed to replicate Saint Mark’s Square and other Venice street scenes.

Upon completion of the Venetian murals, Karen journeyed to China and Tibet to be renewed by the spiritual, high mountain environment. In years since, sky painting has taken her to South Africa and India to provide murals for museums and temples.

In 2007, after hundreds of sky painting projects, Karen and the SKY ART team took on the most challenging project in her company’s history. They traveled to Asia to live and work for nine months while painting 252,000 square feet of sky ceilings over the shopping mall and canals at The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel.

Throughout her traveling years painting large-scale sky murals, Karen continued to paint on canvas in her studio. Much of the work from these years presents the sky as the singular subject. With these paintings, her intention is most often to provide the viewer with a background of calm and beauty against which meditation and insight can occur. Other pieces present the sky in combination with symbolic or mystical imagery; these are meant to evoke emotional response and are more challenging to the viewer.

After 30 intense years of large-scale sky painting, Karen now plans to concentrate on smaller and more personal creative projects. She intends to return to an exploration in paint of all the elements of nature – fire, earth, air, and water, and of the creatures that inhabit these realms.

Karen Kristin has been widely recognized for her work and honored by several organizations. For more information please contact Karen Kristin or Sarah Callender at