Shiprock: Antelope Becoming Beauty


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The I Ching trigrams placed at the bottom of the painting symbolize Fire on the left and Mountain on the right. Together, with Fire positioned at the bottom and Mountain at the top, these two trigrams form the 22nd hexagram, Beautification, or Adornment.

Due to its volcanic origins, I selected Ship Rock as the landform for the expression of Fire within the Earth. In this painting, the sky is the most delicate in the series and complements the beauty of the antelope, my choice to represent Becoming Beauty.

The four representations of the antelope, from left to right, show the animal moving from reality to symbolic manifestation as seen in cave paintings in Europe and in pictographs in the Southwest.

As in all these paintings, the four-cornered square at the bottom middle of the lower I Ching design symbolizes the Four Corners area while the red dot in the lower right of the square indicates that this scene is in New Mexico.

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