Mesa Verde: Mountain Lion Arousing Thunder


original 3.5′ x 7′
acrylic on canvas

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The I Ching trigrams at the bottom of the painting symbolize Earth on the left and Thunder on the right. Combined, with Earth as the lower trigram and Thunder as the upper, these two trigrams make the 16th hexagram, Comfort.

Because of its dramatic North Face, I selected Mesa Verde as the landform for the expression of Thunder over the Earth. The sky is stormy to complement the energy of Thunder.

The Mountain Lion is still present at Mesa Verde, where the sight of it intrigues visitors to the Park who are lucky enough to spot one. Lion energy aligns with that of the I Ching hexigram, Thunder over the Earth. The four representations of the Mountain Lion, from left to right, show it’s transition from reality to the symbolic expression seen in Indian fetishes today.

As in all these paintings, the four- cornered square at the bottom middle of the lower I Ching design symbolizes the Four Corners area while the red dot in the upper right of the square indicates that this scene is in Colorado.

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