2. Horse as Earth, The Receptive


original 20″ x 20″
acrylic on wood framed

The Horse as Earth, the Receptive, is the yielding and nurturing mare. She is total Yin, the feminine force of nature. Hers is the ability to give birth to form. Her nature is quiet and serene, she is soil, she is the harvest of early autumn, she is the soft dark of night under the light of the stars. Here is the mother of the family, whose responsive energy emanates from her belly, from her womb.

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Why these 8 paintings of horses?

Each idealized horse image in this series of paintings represents one of the 8 energy elements inherent
in Taoist symbolism.

In addition to the 4 elements of western civilization, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, Taoism includes Thunder, Wind, Mountain, and Lake, and substitutes Heaven in the place of Air.

The I Ching Book of Changes, an ancient Chinese divination tome in wide use even today assigns Trigram symbols to each of these 8 elements. Using solid Yang lines or broken Yin lines and stacking them 3 high results in 8 variations — one trigram set for each element.

In Taoist study, a wealth of information, applicable to all aspects of life, is contained within each Trigram symbol. But Taoism takes this farther by stacking one Trigram over another to create a 6 line symbol, the Hexagram.

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